Fall Festival Target Sponsorship
for anyone interested

The IBA board of directors has brainstormed the idea of target sponsorship for the Fall Festival as a way to offset expenses. We have already given the 100% clubs first chance at sponsorship. We tried to contact all 100% clubs, but if you were not contacted, please contact one of the people below. 

Now we are opening it up to private individuals and businesses for sponsorship. If you would like to sponsor a target or course, please contact one of the people listed below. Prices are shown along with a few questions and answers that have been anticipated. 

* Individual animal - $125 (a single target may have multiple animals so there may be multiple sponsors on a target, sign will be posted at the target)

One half of the course - $500 (individual targets may also have sponsors, sign will be posted at beginning of the course)

* Entire course - $1000 (individual targets may also have sponsors, signs will be posted at the beginning of both courses)



Some questions and answers that may help you with target sponsorship decisions. 


Q - Does the sponsor get the target/targets back after the shoot.
A - No.

Q - Will the IBA be keeping the targets for the next year.
A - IBA will either keep for next year or sell at auction.

Q - Are they starting over from no targets, after the storm?

A - Yes.

Q - How many do you need?
A - Pretty much all of them.

Q - Who do we send the money to?
A - Charlie Arnold (IBA Treasurer  (see contact information in board member section).

Q - What is the purpose of the target sponsorship?
A - To keep the cost of the shoot down.

Q - What size signs will be used?
A - Small corrugated plastic signs (approx 1' x 2' for individual target); and larger banner type signs for one half and full course sponsorship.

Q - Where is all of the money going from the shoot.
A - After all expenses, there is not much left over.  What there is, goes into our general budget for annual operating expenses. You are welcome to come to a board meeting (see BH for dates) to get actual figures and ask questions.


Thank you,

Your sponsorship committee













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