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Fall Festival
Fall Festival Fall Festival Fall Festival

2017 Fall Festival Results!

Fall Festival dates are set for Aug 4, 5, and 6 at Pine Lake Archers club grounds just north of Eldora, IA. Please volunteer as we are ALWAYS looking for volunteers to work registration, merchandise, raffles, novelties, course set up/tear down, and other general things that need to be done. Contact any board member about helping out (see IBA related information in the Iowa Bowhunter newsletter or click on the Board of Directors tab on the website for contact information). Please volunteer; we need your help.

Come out and enjoy the archery shoot with its many group shots and unique setup on each target. Some of these you won’t see anywhere else but here. They do a fantastic job of setting this course. Let registration know if you like it or what can be improved. There’ll be good food, archery vendors, possible seminars and plenty of fun for everyone. The range and novelties will be open to the public on Friday.

Refer to the agenda for what’s happening throughout the weekend and associated time frames. Something new from PLA has been added this year for Friday night. Stop and visit with the vendors; and of course, all IBA merchandise will be on sale throughout the weekend (don’t forget the coupon in the last Winter issue of BH). So we’ll plan on seeing you there.

We have high hopes that our NASP 3-D tournament held on Friday will be bigger and better than last year. The tournament now includes both a line shoot and a 3-D shoot. This has the possibility to grow into something special for everyone as it gives these youngsters a change to get outdoors and compete instead of just shooting indoors at a paper target. They can also enjoy all the excitement that we’ve come to know about the Fall Festival over the years. Plenty of room to camp and concessions are available throughout the weekend.

The IBA is looking for any club that is interested in taking over the novelty area. That means they will be responsible for setup, operation, personnel, and cleanup; with all proceeds going to the club that is operating it. This is being done to bring in new ideas and to alleviate some of the workload of the IBA board members as it takes a lot of personnel to accomplish the Fall Festival shoot.

The IBA can give the club guidance on how to operate the novelties from past experience, and also requires someone in the club be an IBA member. One prize will be provided by the IBA to be given away, and safety must be a high concern. Please contact any board member if interested.

IBA Board of Directors

50th Iowa Bowhunters Association
Fall Festival 3-D Archery Shoot Aug 4, 5, & 6
Pine Lake Archers Club Grounds at Eldora, Iowa

Friday, August 4th

NASP: trail registration from 8 am – noon; line is pre-registration
Regular shooting registration: noon – 5 pm
Range open to workers only: 7 am – noon
Range open to everyone: noon – 7 pm *
Range open to NASP shooters: 8 am – 4 pm (awards will follow)
Novelties open: 3 pm – ? pm
IBA merchandise on sale: 2 pm – 5 pm
PLA fun night activities: 7 pm till done (bean bag tournament, milk jug shoot, reverse bingo, Coon shoot - Click here for more info!
Targets to be sold will be marked for sale beginning Friday noon. First come, first served.
Saturday August 5th Registration: 7 am – 5 pm
Range open to everyone: 7 am – 7 pm *
Novelties: 10 am – 6 pm
IBA merchandise on sale: 9 am – 5 pm
Dinner at clubhouse: 5 pm – 7 pm
Raffle drawing: 7 pm – 8 pm
Board meeting: 7:30 after dinner (open to the public)
Live music in the pavilion: 8 pm – 11 pm (Treyor Wood Band playing old and new country)
Seminars possible throughout the day
Sunday August 6th Registration: 7 pm – noon (cards MUST be in by 2 pm if counting for score)
Range open to everyone: 7 am – 2/3 pm * (meadow closes at 2/timber closes at 3)
Novelties: 10 am – 2 pm
IBA merchandise on sale: 9 am – 2 pm
Begin to remove animals: 2 pm
Novelty/Raffle/Award drawings after course is pulled and animals are put away: approximately 4:30 pm
  * Range closed for each day means you cannot start after that time, but can still finish if you’ve already started. Keep in mind that events will be in process at the clubhouse Saturday night after the range closes.
  ** Team shoot competition same as last year. Possible 100% club team shoot if a club wants to organize it.
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General Rules
Click here for General Rules
Course Rules
Course Rules
Shooting Stakes
Shooting Stakes Rules & Information
Team Shoot
Team Shoot Rules & Information
There’s something to keep you busy the entire weekend.
The Fall Festival event is open to the public and you do not have to be an IBA member to shoot it.
NASP 3D State Shoot August 4th
First Day of the Annual IBA Fall Festival
View Flyer



2017 IBA Shootout 3D Series

Click Here for 2017 NASP 3D Trail Shoot Results
Click Here for 2017 IBA Shootout Overall Results

  • First Leg is at Hickory Ridge near Pella on June 17-18, 2017
  • Second Leg is at Johnson County Archers near North Liberty on July 22-23, 2017
  • Third Leg is at the IBA Fall Festival near Eldora on August 4-6, 2017
  • Must be current member of IBA to participate
    • May join IBA on site and still be allowed to shoot it
  • All Fall Festival Classes will be offered at all legs
  • Must shoot all 3 legs to qualify for overall award at Fall Festival
  • Entry fee will be the same as regular club shoot prices – No Extra Fee Charged
  • Special Award presented for top shooters of first two legs at those shoots and for the overall of all 3 legs added
    together given at end of Fall Festival.
2016 Fall Festival Wrap-Up

If you missed the Fall Festival, you missed a good time; and probably one of the best weather weekends that we’ve ever had. Thanks to Pine Lake Archers for hosting the event and all the fine food they prepare in their clubhouse. Many thanks to all the people who volunteered with novelties, registration, course, and other jobs to help make the FF go smooth as it does. Volunteers are how the IBA operates and these things don’t just happen on their own. We appreciate people stepping up and volunteering to accomplish these things.

A lot of awesome donations were made by the following companies or people; along with a fine group of target sponsors. Without these generous people and organizations, this event would be just another shoot.
So a tremendous THANK YOU to all of the following. Please support those who support your IBA.


Bass Pro Shop
Bucky Mountain
Mikes Meat
Palo Outdoors
Rockytop Ranch
Specialty Archery The Leather Guy
Bear Creek Taxidermy
Hunter Specialties
Raccoon Valley Taxidermy
Sportsmans Warehouse

Our second NASP tournament went over well with about 75 shooters. Some improvements from last year was the implementation of a line 3D shoot along with the trail 3D shoot. This worked out well and hope this event gets bigger and better every year. Getting our youth involved is the best thing we can do for archery and hunting.

If anyone would like to see some changes or improvements, please provide your input to any board member (see the IBA website or Bowhunter for contact information). All suggestions will be considered and we’re always looking to make this a better event going forward. Thanks again to all who shared in the Fall Festival experience and we wish you all the best in your upcoming hunting seasons.

Your Board of Directors

Fall Festival Fall Festival
Fall Festival
Fall Festival Volunteers  

Volunteer Four Hours Of Your Time

It takes a lot of time and effort to organize and operate the Fall Festival. Without the participation of the membership, the workload increases greatly on the ones that do volunteer. All we ask is for you to donate four hours of your time to help out somewhere during the weekend. There’s just not enough board members to take on the entire load. The area reps are required to help out at both the Spring Banquet and the Fall Festival, but seems we only get a few of them to do their part also. Please call any board member to volunteer. As for the ones who do volunteer, thank you very much; this leaves a little for a few others to enjoy the weekend also. We understand that people help run their own clubs throughout the year and like to just relax and enjoy the Fall Festival, but your board members belong to other clubs also. IBA Board of Directors

Fall Festival Target Sponsorship  
Sponsorship Committee
Larry Krohn, Charlie Arnold, JD McDonald
The IBA board of directors has brainstormed the idea of target sponsorship for the Fall Festival as a way to offset expenses.
We have already given the 100% clubs first chance at sponsorship.
We tried to contact all 100% clubs, but if you were not contacted, please contact one of the people below.
Now we are opening it up to private individuals and businesses for sponsorship.
If you would like to sponsor a target or course, please contact one of the people listed below.
Prices are shown along with a few questions and answers that have been anticipated.

1. Individual Animal
   A single target may have multiple animals so there may be multiple sponsors on a target, sign will be posted at the target

2. One Half of the Course
    Individual targets may also have sponsors, sign will be posted at beginning of the course.
3. Entire Course
   Individual targets may also have sponsors, signs will be posted at the beginning of both courses.
Sample Target Sponsorship Signs
Approx. 24" x 18"
Frequently Asked Sponsorship Questions  
1. Does the sponsor get the target/targets back after the shoot?
   Answer - No.
2. Will the IBA be keeping the targets for the next year?
    Answer - IBA will either keep for next year or sell at auction.
3. Are they starting over from no targets, after the storm?
    Answer - Yes.
4. How many do you need?
    Answer - Pretty much all of them.
5. Who do we send the money to?
    Answer - Corey Thorson IBA Treasurer (see contact information in board member section).
6.What is the purpose of the target sponsorship?
  Answer - - To keep the cost of the shoot down.
7. What size signs will be used?
   Answer - Small corrugated plastic signs (approx 1' x 2' for individual target); and larger banner type signs for one half and full    course sponsorship.
8. Where is all of the money going from the shoot.
    Answer - After all expenses, there is not much left over. What there is, goes into our general budget for annual operating     expenses. You are welcome to come to a board meeting (see BH for dates) to get actual figures and ask questions.
Fall Festival Clean-Up  
The Fall Festival is great time to enjoy the outdoors, camping, shooting, archery talk, and seeing friends from across the state. The weekend is made possible through Pine Lake Archers and IBA volunteers. They like to see everyone having a good time. At the end of that good time though, everyone goes back home; and unfortunately, some leave behind a mess that Pine Lake and the IBA has to clean up. So please, before you leave, pick up all your trash, replace sod that was dug out for fire pits, take home all left over fire wood; then pick up your neighbors’ stuff they left behind too.  
Vandalism at Fall Festival  

We can no longer tolerate this. The last few years, several expensive targets have been vandalized. The Fall Festival has always been about families camping and having a fun weekend. We have had young kids on the course after dark that seem to think it is funny to destroy $500 to $800 targets.

As in the past, security will be tightened this year and no one is allowed on the range when the course is closed. (Those infrared trail cameras will work quite nicely on the range also.) Parents please don’t let one of your kids have their photo taken doing something stupid. Sheriff will be called. You will be responsible for all damages done and may be asked to leave.

The IBA & PLA are not responsible for any items lost or stolen.

Past Results  

2016 Fall Festival Results

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