IBA Fall Festival

August 1, 2, 3, 2014.

See you there!

2014 Spring Banquet Wrap-up

A good weekend but our attendance numbers were low once again. We have to change something. Your board of directors works hard to keep the IBA going, and the members (along with all bowhunters) benefit from those decisions. So it will go with the Spring Banquet. Next year, the banquet will be on a smaller estimated basis according to what the trend has been the last few years. One aspect may be a limited attendance and a smaller banquet room. We would really like to have the larger crowd and larger room, but this is not a practical situation anymore. So keep in tune with your board and offer some suggestions. Send our President an email and let him know what can be done different. As always, we appreciate people stepping up and volunteering to accomplish last minute tasks related to the banquet.

The following companies or people made a lot of awesome donations. Without these generous people and organizations, your IBA would not be able to do what it does. So a tremendous THANK YOU to them.  Please support those who support your IBA.

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